A Sadness Concealed

To start an old life

With the newness of fresh loss

Unable to perceive what once brought satisfaction and provoked curiosity

Observing the world with uninhabited eyes

Colorful moments blanketed in blue for they are not shared

Locking my heartbreak in a cracked container

Hoping that it won’t seep out at the most inopportune times


But it will, of course.


Indulging myself

With sad songs and solitude

Letting the sorrow escape in moments spent alone

Until it dulls and there is only enough left to burn and resurface on somber nights when I

look at my empty hands and think of how you used to fill my empty heart



Earlier tonight

Considered making cookies

No ingredients


What is wrong with cat?

Front foot caught in its collar

Choking and spitting


Holds coral with tail

Gives birth to many others

Seahorse eats brine shrimp


Saunters through sunshine

Sits on rug licking its back

Bites hard on a flea


In need of dinner

Consumed canned ravioli

Now live with regret


Dandelion puff

Time has come to blow you out

Farewell, seeds in wind


Look what time it is

The sky is dark, the moon out

Time to dream of you


One time tried to rap

Not a great experience

Rhyming is so tough


The things put on skin

Creams will not take years away

Love the life you lived


Run fingers through hair

Stuck half way down the tangles

Might go for a trim


She dashes forward

Overtaken by bloodthirst

Mind evaporates

Biting baby’s hoof

She tastes blood and she wants more

We were all frightened

She ate her baby

Compelled by nature to bite

Nature is scary


Butterfly ponders

Lands gently on bride’s bouquet

Scaring everyone


Lizard too crusty

Sheds his skin under heat lamp

Crusty but better


Wandering the halls

Which room is mine? One four five?

I want to lie down


Have you seen my son?

If you do, tell him I’m here

Waiting by that ship


Fishsticks made of fish

Sometimes made of other things

Worried about it


Kitten is content.

Found a giant lollipop

Sits by it for hours


Not too passionate

The subtle and fierce revenge

Laid out in secret


Roaming the prairie

Imagining Indians

They jingle away


A death premature

Quiet now, it’s all over

Glad it’s all over


Wasting precious time

Thinks it over, and over

Til the thought is dead


Shape moves in the dark

Light on. Get close. Is that a—

spider? That’s the worst.


Its too many eyes

Are they all looking at me?

That’s too many legs…


Buried in water

Surrounding my head in waves

Disappearing sound


Under the covers

Clandestinely consuming

My box of raisins


Bears blown by the breeze

What terrible misfortune,

streets strewn with sprinkles.


Cloaked in covert coats

Slinking slowly in the scrub

Possessed by prowlers


A lofty lady

Porch dweller, fortuneteller

Wearing medallions


I once was a ghost

I once was just a spirit

Perhaps I still am


All our heads bent down

An ironic rainy day

The sky feels our pain